Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where Did May GO??

Ahhhhh....I'm here! After a lovely beach vacation, and a week to recooperate & catch up from that, I'm back. It was a refreshing breather, and Steve and I are officially back on the home improvement bandwagon!

Lots of little randoms going on, but the main thing is the deck. This little devil has been quite the project! I think I mentioned that Steve had to dig four more 4 feet deep holes, bringing the total to TWELVE. Yes. That is a depth of 48 feet that he dug! I think he needs to get a prize for that. Thankfully though, it is behind "us" and this past holiday weekend he finished up just about all of the framing. PHEW! He is such a work horse. Here is where we stand.

You can see the upper deck, which will have a railing around it, and the lower ground level deck. Crazy stuff. It is MUCH larger than I was anticipating and we are super thrilled to see it coming together. Decking should be going up within a week or so. YAY!

So, I have a bunch of little things to show you and I'll be back tomorrow with some fun, unique, & inexpensive wall art!

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