In this, our second house, we are focusing on colorful, vibrant, punches of color in accessories and art, and a more serene, relaxing color scheme on the walls. In an effort to create a feeling of continuity and flow between the rooms, we are using tones of gray throughout each space. Lots of bright, clean, fresh rooms with colorful splashes aplenty. At least, that's the plan! 

We color match all of our paint with Olympic Premium No-VOC paint from Lowe's since it is one of the only brands that uses VOC free colorant in addition to the base. We like our house-full-o'-babies as free of harmful chemicals as possible.

Here is where we are so far! Click on the color link for more info.

Entryway/Stairs/Second Floor Hallway
Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble

Master Bedroom


  1. Simple in colors. I can see the perfect ambiance here every day :)

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