Hey, I'm Heather. I'm married to Steve. I do the designing & small crafty projects and he does the big stuff for me. He is really a very handy guy to have around. We have 3 dapper little guys who keep us spinning most the time (they don't ALWAYS look this cute and obedient!).

This is our second house, we moved in Thanksgiving weekend 2011. We snatched up a great deal on this lovely little abode since it needs a bit of de-1997ing. We were thrilled to be able to buy a place that we could customize to our style. It has the layout, size (2000+ sq ft), yard & mature landscaping we were looking for and it is on a lovely little rural-suburban street. We didn't want to compromise our floor plan and size wants/needs for a new build (as well as the non-existent landscaping and privacy that comes with that), so we went with an existing property we could make our own (plus we are hobby DIYers, we could never live somewhere that we couldn't have fun working on a bit!). It has everything we wanted in terms of things you can't easily change (location, size & floor plan), with a bit of outdated finishes we can adapt and update to our liking. PERFECT.

My style is in transition. I am moving from shabby chic/vintage-traditional to modern-traditional. Our first home was a 1900s antique home (which we LOVED) and so that style fit perfectly. This home is 90 years newer and that same look just doesn't work. Now I am focusing on traditional, classic furniture that can stand the test of time in regards to trends, and modern contemporary decor. Tossing some mid-century modern into the mix to make things fun, and punches of color to liven the atmosphere. Who am I kidding. With three boys under age 5, this is a fun, lively home already!

We tackle our stuff during naps, after bedtime, and on weekends. I am a work at home mom, so I have to juggle my duties as much as anyone else. So, if we can do it, you can too! I am admittedly cheap frugal, and have a hard time paying full price for anything. You'll find most my buys are clearance items/thrifted/handed down pieces, etc. If you are a smart, patient shopper and are brave enough to take on a few DIY projects, you can really create a stylish home on a modest budget.

Follow along with us as we go down our LONG list of projects we have scribbled on our to-do pad!