Thursday, September 13, 2012

Whew it's dusty in here!

Why hello blog friends! I am here. Still. I see you all visiting everyday (ummm 300+ views a day??!!). Sorry to be absent the last 2 months (wow, where did all that time go???). I've been prioritizing my life this summer, and Steve/kids/photography had to be in the top 3. Then keeping the house clean. Then sleep. Then blog. Sooooo as you can see, the blog has been left in the dust! I envision more time this Fall though, as we aren't outside as much, and I turn down the dial on photography for a while. So keep checking in every now and then!

Here are a couple quick shots of some of the many projects we have managed to accomplish this summer.

See you soon, tata for now!

The beautiful deck, which made my life so much easier/more enjoyable this summer!
A peek of the project we are finishing up now. Well, this is the before. Purdy eh? You should have seen it with the glass shades!
Our shed that we painted. The color looks beige-ish here, but it is a gray-green. Testing out colors for the house next year! (We'll be going with a darker tone of this)

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