Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Industrial-Modern Progress.

After much hemming and hawing (is that the correct phrase?), we finally decided to go for the industrial-style wall shelving unit for the family room. I was ALLLL over the place about it!

Initially, we had decided on doing a full wall built in. Then I started thinking, it would be SO permanent and what if I changed my mind (which is not uncommon for me). So then we thought about using this great mid-century modern credenza that we have, for the TV, and flanking it with two free standing white bookcases. Ehhh, boring.

I had seen a fabulous metal piping shelving unit on HGTVs "High Low Project" and I kept going back to that concept. But then I would get all freaked out about it and move on. So then I started thinking we could do white floating shelves on either side of the credenza. Similar to this.

I still think that is a good idea, BUT, I just wasn't sold.

This space is visible from the large majority of the first floor. Our family room is open to the kitchen, which is open to a dining space, which is open to the playroom. So anything we do on this wall will make a big impact on the rest of the floor. I think we have gone pretty classic/traditional in the furnishings of the family room. I also think that with the white gallery wall, and white end tables, and eventually white kitchen, it just might be TOO much white.

Soooo here we are back at industrial. It will add a modern flair to the space and a bit of contrast with the white. It is pretty unique and I think it will be just the touch we need for the room.

Here is the wall we are referring to.

It is about 15 feet long, and the unit will be about 12 feet. So it will take up a good portion of the wall. The bookcase on the left will be leaving the room, by the way. Here is the sketch of what it will look like. The only thing that is different, is the 3rd shelf from the top, will be moved to be in the center of the space where the tv goes. That will eliminate the two big spaces on either of the side units.

Here is an inspiration photo. Like I said before, the first time I saw it was on the "High Low Project", but this one is another one I liked. Obviously, it is not piping, nor is it attached to the wall, but it is part of where we got our inspiration.

Ours will have dark stained, distressed wood planks as well. They will pick up the dark tones in our desk and post office box on the other side of the room.

Here is a shot of all the materials to make one of the four pieces (We'll get more into the building process later).

A close up of the really fabulous texture of the pipes.

Finally, here is Steve holding up one of the four parts to it.
The wood planks will rest directly on top of each of the metal pipe rails.

So that's where we are now! I am getting really excited to see how it turns out. When we went to the antique mall last month I picked up a bunch of unique, funky pieces to put up, so I can't wait to put it all together. We also have to paint the room still, so that will be coming up soon. We are in a rush to get things done inside before the weather gets nice and we start the work on our new deck. (Speaking of that, I'll be back at some point soon to show two of our decking options so you can help us decide which to go with.)

Oh, before I go, here is a little something Steve made for me. I have been eyeing the big metal letters from Anthropologie, and at $100 a pop, I knew I wouldn't be taking the plunge anytime soon. Steve bought a welder recently, and this was his first project.

That man sure knows what tickles my fancy! Haaaa. You can't see it in the photo real well, but I started adding silver nailhead trim to the bench, and I love how it picks up on that. Just love it. See what I mean when I say our house is evolving? I am constantly changing up that entry way!

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