Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Slow Going Here...

Things around here are coming along, just slower than usual as I try to get in grading hours. Sorry about that, we'll be picking things up a bit in the near future.

I have been working out the dining room in my head lately. Right now it is our staging/junk/craft room. All the framed art that we have yet to find a home for, craft supplies for things I'm working on, and other miscellaneous objects that I have failed to put away. I think I have the general plan down, so we'll be starting on that in the next week.

Coming tomorrow, the first post (of many I think) on our industrial style wall shelving unit. We are a few days away from completely it, but I am super excited about the progress. I think it is really going to make a big statement in the space.

Come check out the progress tomorrow!


  1. Hi I just came across your blog :) Things are going slow here around my house, it's been three months of trying to redo our kitchen that never needed to be updated in the first place. I am just finishing up the small details (decorating).

    1. Yes things always seem to slow down a bit once you get to the fine details. Good luck and thanks for reading!


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