Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Nothing spectacular to talk about today. I had thought I would go into the progress we've made on our first floor bathroom and laundry room, but I realized that I left the before photos on Steve's phone. Shoot. Another day folks.

I did a couple of little things today while the kids ate breakfast and played happily at my feet. I changed up the arrangement in the entryway. I told you it was evolving right? Well, I did that and added a few pieces to the entry hall & painted some frames real quick. It is coming along!

In other news, I bought this awesome lamp from the annual Ronald McDonald House Sale this past year. It was $6 and I loved it at first sight. I added some fabric roses that I made, but I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to paint the base white. It is a black metal base with a wood bottom. This lamp is really old by the way. Steve makes me unplug it every night before we go to bed, it's that old. HA! I love it but I just can't decide if I want to keep it the way it is, or try to spray it white. What do you think? Here it is currently:

(GAH! Don't mind the SUPER dusty side table!)

I really like the overall shape of it all. The base and the shade. I love the burlap too. So cute. In true Heather fashion, I really want to paint it white. I want to paint EVERYTHING white. So that's no surprise. But I am also afraid of ruining it and it not being replaceable.



  1. Cute! Can you do a tourtorial on how you made the fabric flowers? Thanks! Love, Traci

  2. While white would look nice, I like the original dark better - especially since the little base is a shade lighter then the stand.

    The lighter-colored lamp shade then completes the great contrast.

    In addition, the white roses you added really pop because of that nice contrast it has going.

    ...And while I do love touches of girliness, I think it might look too girly for a main room if you paint the base white. :)


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