Sunday, February 26, 2012

Score One For Marshalls

Today I made a quick stop at Marshall's (Similar to TJMaxx or HomeGoods) while Steve took the older boys to Home Depot. A couple times a month or so I pop in to see if there is anything particularly special. With Holden in tow, we browsed around and found a handful of things we couldn't pass up (well, I browsed. Holden schmoozed all the women in the joint). Here is a peek (I snapped it quick on my phone).

From left to right: Yellow planter for the palm next to my desk $10, white fruit bowl $6, metal aqua mirror for my vanity $10, white metal geometric patterned pencil cup for my desk $5, sunny yellow metal colander $7

Definitely some great, cheerful additions for all around the house for less than Target prices! I am trying to infuse a bit of yellow into each space on the first floor, so these are perfect. You never know with Marshall's. You can strike out a few times, then hit a home run out of the blue. It's worth a look every now and then!

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  1. LOVE the fruit bowl!! I have been looking for a whit fruit bowl for a LOOOONG time and that looks perfect!


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