Saturday, February 25, 2012

Toss Me One!

Our next project on the horizon is our master bedroom. Just recently I finally found some nightstands tall enough for our super high antique white brass bed, and now we are all ready to paint! I'm thinking next weekend will be THE weekend we get rid of the particularly pukey green and gold that it currently is. Here is a sneak peek at what it looks like (this was with the previous owners drapes and furniture):

Can you see that teeny tiny sliver of gold at the top right of the photo? Nice huh? Oh and look at that window. Painted green. The trim in this house makes me cringe!

So far we've made the sunburst mirror for above the bed, found nightstands that go with the rest of our furniture and we've officially replaced all 3 doors in the room. YAY! No more varnished & brass doors! It already looks much more updated.

I've also finally picked out bedding. After buying and returning FOUR sets. Yeah....I couldn't figure out what look I was going for. If I wasn't concerned about price, I could have found something in a blink. But, I just couldn't bring myself to spend a fortune on a new set. I ordered a great one from West Elm and two weeks later when I hadn't received it, I called and they had canceled my order without telling me. Thanks! I ended up going with all white bedding from Target that I found at a great price and I actually really love how it has come together so far.

So today I am ordering some fabric to make toss pillows for the bed and chair (which I have yet to find one that I like). I bought some clearance pillows a few weeks ago, with the intention of making new covers (since the pillows themselves were definitely not my style, but were the perfect price). Here is what I have in my cart right now. We are going for calm & relaxing, yet fresh and vibrant. I am LOVING the Dwell Studio citrine one.

Designer fabric is a great way to add style to your room for cheap. You can buy small amounts of fabric and even do just the fronts of pillows if you want to stretch it. A half yard of Dwell Studio home dec fabric will be just over $7 (with the coupon) and will make one, possibly two pillow covers (depending on the size of the pillow). BARGAIN for designer twill! has a 20% off all orders coupon (facebook50) with free shipping over $35. I am buying 1/2 yard-1 yard of each. Just a bit for pillows and maybe a couple swatches in frames on the wall with the leftovers. I am really liking the grays, yellow, taupe, white and blue together. It is going to look great on the white bed! I'll do a tutorial on how I make my pillow covers once it comes in so you can see just how simple it really is.

I am going to browse around for some drapery fabric while I'm here. I have white 96" Ikea panels but I am thinking it would be nice to add some colorful accent panels to the outside as well.

It's coming along and I can't wait for the paint next week!

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