Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Breeze Is A Blowin'

Saturday my love and I spent the day together while my pretty mother in law was in town. She watched the babies and Steve graciously took me shopping! We headed out to a sweet old town about 30 minutes away and spent 4 hours browsing around our favorite antique "shop". I say it like that because there are over 1000 dealers, so it is no small joint. I'm sure it was definitely not Steve's number one choice for a day away, but I think ultimately, we were just enjoying each others company without having to talk over the kiddies. We browsed and took our time, discovering all the treasures and laughing at all the junk. In the end, we actually scored an armful of great finds.

Among the scores, are my two favorite pieces. I have been on the lookout for one of these babies for ages! I didn't want to spend a lot (these were $10 & $12) and I was specifically looking for a blue one. When I saw them from down the hall I told Steve, "I don't care how much that blue one is, I LOVE it!!". Imagine my excitement when I saw it was $12!!!

That's right folks, a mid-century desk fan! Look at how pretty it is. All robin's egg blue and shiny aluminum (I think?). It is all metal and heavy and SOLID and just all kinds of gorgeous. Total bonus is, it works! And let me tell you, it works 1000x better than any fan I've ever bought made in this decade. Now, it is a major safety hazard for the kids, seeing as these are BLADES of metal and the cage is tiny, so we won't be plugging them in, but still. SO cool. I am loving it in my bedroom on the dresser. With all the gray and silver in the room, it looks so perfect.

That cute little yellow antique cold cream tin we found for $1 as well. I thought it was a nice touch of color for the room and it is just right for run away earrings and such.
The other one we picked up is just as great. It is gray and has a sweet flower/scalloped design on the cage. Again, works like a charm still and was only $10. This one has found a home on my desk in the family room. Fits in perfectly too.

When we figure out our plans for the wall of shelving across the room, I'll be putting it up there. We were actually looking around specifically for unique items to have on the shelving, and we found a handful of other things too. Just have to decide what we want to do! I can't decide between white floating shelves like this:

Or a more industrial style like this:

Here is another example.

Honestly, I am leaning way more towards the industrial look. I feel like the mix of traditional, modern, and industrial, would be so fabulous. Hmmmmm. The thing is, it is a lot more work, and more $$ too. I don't know, don't know. Tossing it around a bit more before I decide. Anyone have any thoughts on this??

ANYWAYS, that was a tangent! So yes, I found a few neat pieces for the future shelving, lucked out with some super sleek fans, snagged a few other fun things, had a great lunch, and most importantly, did it all with my score of a husband. NICE.

In other news, I started a project today and it failed. Here is where I stopped:

I was trying to make a twine covered initial to go on our door, but I just couldn't figure it out after trying a whole bunch of different methods. It was either going to take way too much twine or take me 400 years, so I stopped while I was ahead. Actually, carving that 'E' out of a sheet of Styrofoam was no fun either. I guess I should have quit back when those little balls started sticking all over me via static! You can't win 'em all friends, you can't win 'em all.
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  1. Love the fans! Great find!

  2. I love the fans too! Also, I did a letter wrapped in yarn that was sorta tricky like that and it took ALOT of yarn. I used a wood letter and had to use the glue gun in places. I could give you my tips from what I learned if you like? Send me a fb message if you want. :)


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