Monday, March 5, 2012

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho It's Off To Work We Go.

Lots of fun stuff in the works here this week! I think I'll start it off by rambling on a bit about the random things we have our hands on currently. We are ALLLL over the place for sure.

First on the docket. Master bedroom. Steve primed it last night and tonight the actual paint goes up. WOOOHOO! No more green and gold! The primer was tinted so I have a pretty good idea of how it is going to look and I am in love. Love love love. It is just the most perfect shade of gray that I was looking for in this space. PHEW! I was so nervous. I didn't even look while he was priming because I was so afraid I was going to hate it. I was already starting to feel bad that I was going to have to ask him to repaint it. When he told me I could go upstairs and look, I held my breath when I turned the corner and..... AHHHHHHHHHHHH LOVE! It is lovely. Now, it looks a little wack-a-doodle because the trim is still green and gold, but Tuesday night that will go too. Later this week you should get to see it in all it's pretty glory.

For now, here is what it looked like just before he started priming:

Alrighty. Next up. Entry way progress. Going well. What I am working on now is a bench for the space. I am turning our old Ikea end table (one of the few things left from when we first got married) into one. Today I am making the pad and tomorrow I will be painting it.  Right now I am scrounging around for something foam or foam-ish to use for it. Have you ever tried to buy a piece of foam from Joanns or Michaels? NOT cheap. They mark that junk up like 500x I think. I *know* I have SOMETHING I can use, somewhere. I am brainstorming. I found two kneeling garden pad thingys yesterday that I thought would make a nice firm pad, but they were a couple inches too short. Then I thought of using one of our wicker chair pads (and not worry about what I was going to do about replacing it), but that too was a couple of inches too short. Grrr. Now I am looking for foam packaging in the basement, and I stumbled upon my quilting batting. So I am going to try that and see if it is squishy enough.

Oh, so I took that Ikea table from in between the two leather chairs in the playroom and put the taller, smaller one from the entry and put it there. So I swapped the two tables. I am going to try to paint the one for the playroom this week. I am thinking white with some sort of fun yellow pattern on top. Stencil magic or something. Not sure. I picked up a really playful turquoise lamp to go there this weekend too. I was feeling the need to add a swash of color to that space, since it was so brown and beige and white. Just with the lamp it looks so much better!

Here is what it looked like before, and there is that little table, soon to be bench:

What else, what else.....ah yes. I decided I am going to stain the sunburst white. I want to keep the variation in shades but I don't want it plain because the wood tone doesn't match anything in our house. So I think white stain will give it a nice soft look with a bit of dimension still. I also feel like it will be easier than painting it too. I am fairly certain it will be going above our bed so we'll see how the cards fall. I might add some silver to it somehow as well.

My fabric arrived on Friday for our bedroom and hopefully at some point this week I'll find an hour to make a few pillow covers. I'm planning on doing a little quick tutorial on how I make them, so watch for that if you are in the market for that sort of thing.

Steve is so awesome and has been spending a lot of his evenings working on the doors for upstairs and I am happy to say they are DONE! All 13 doors have been replaced. Now we just have to paint them all, then we can reveal. I can't believe the massive difference they make. I'll talk a bit about the process of doing them, and the cost breakdown (which wasn't bad at all), later this week. That guy is so good to me (besides the fact that he tells me I'm pretty everyday). I love that we both really enjoy DIY stuff! It would stink if he wasn't on board with all my ideas and projects. It is such a fun hobby for us to do together.

So there it is. My plan for the week. Sound a little ambitious? Yeah...well, to be honest, it is mostly all small things. So long as everyone stays healthy, we should be able to manage. Check back in throughout the week to see JUST how much actually gets accomplished!


  1. Hi...just started following your blog and I may have a solution to your padding problems. I refuse to pay all that money for padding but you can easily go to Target or Walmart or any place that sells bedding and buy a twin size mattress pad, it's the same thing and its only anywhere from $13-$20! Hope that helpful, I've used it a million times and it always works like a charm :)
    Cindy from

    1. Thanks! That is hilarious because I. Made it yesterday and that is exactly what I used!! I remembered I had an unused one that I had bought on clearance. Worked perfect! Glad to know I'm not the only one! Thanks for the input. :)


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