Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Master Bedroom Wall Happenings (Free Printables!)

I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday and finally stained the sunburst mirror for our bedroom (tutorial HERE). I was SO nervous as I was staining it because holy smokes, it was dark. It stinks to spend so much time on something and then ruin it with the finishing. I just kept going and hoped it would be ok. I let it dry overnight and this morning it looked PERFECT! I think the dark stain is exactly what I was envisioning for the space. I wanted something dark to contrast all the white, and I think it will tie in with the dark brown leather chair (that I have yet to buy) in the corner and the leather ottoman under the smaller window. Adds a bit more masculinity to the room, which is nice. I want the space to look luxurious and relaxing, and give a nod to the man who also inhabits the space. Nothing TOO girly froo-froo.

I think I might need to move it a tad lower, now that I see the photos. I have a thing about wall decor hung too high on a wall. From what I've noticed, people tend to hang things much too high on their walls. It should be eye level in the center. Obviously, this piece is different, and it was super tricky getting it hung by myself.

I am really happy with how the stain allowed the dimension of the wood to show through. You can still see the variation in tones and such, which is what I was hoping for. I didn't want it to lose all definition once finished, which is why I went with stain instead of paint.

I also put together some "art" for the space next to the window. I found the brushed silver frames at Target for 50% off (with mats!) and I printed off the ampersand and the Dr. Suess quote with our printer. The ampersand is perfect for our bedroom, you know, Mr & Mrs, His & Hers, Heather & Steve. Cute stuff there people. For both pieces, it was under $15. Bargain. I chose gray for the ampersand and a gray-blue for the quote.

Printables are a GREAT way to put together very inexpensive "art" for your walls. All you need is a frame & a printer. If you don't have a printer, you could have it printed via one-hour photo at any photo lab for a buck or two. Still very cheap.

I found the Dr. Suess quote HERE and the ampersand HERE. They offer them in all different colors and there are LOTS more free printables on their site. There are so many free printables on the web, just do a search on Google or Pinterest and you'll find a bucket full. You just print them in whatever size you are looking for (I did 8x10 & 5x7), throw them in a frame and call it done! I also have made a bunch myself in Photoshop. Very easy, quick, and a bit more personal.

With the fan addition and the wall hangings, the room has more personality already. Still have to do the other roman, chair and find something for above the dresser. Among other little things. All in all, things are coming together nicely!

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