Friday, March 9, 2012

Master Bedroom PROGRESS

Ahhhh....things are finally coming together on our bedroom! Steve did a great job painting and we are just about done except for one last coat of paint in the trim. I was SO apprehensive about choosing the wall color and I am absolutely 100% thrilled with the choice we made. If you remember, I was choosing between these two colors:
Galveston Gray by Benjamin Moore
Spalding Gray by Sherwin Williams

Wait a second. Let me back this train up a bit. Here are some shots of our room before. It was green and gold. Non-white trim. You haven't even seen the worst of it though. Before we moved in, the carpet was BLUE. We replaced that baby the weekend before we moved in!

This photo is almost useless, but you can get a taste of what the true before was. Shiny, striped drapes, veneered oak-ish doors, brass hardware. YUM.


Here is the space right before we started painting:

I think the before photos speak for themselves. No need to add anything more to these babies!

And here we are now, with a lot of progress & a handful of things left to do.

NOTE: I feel like these shots make the walls read a tad purple. Let me just say, there is ZERO purple tones in real life. It is pure gray with a slight slight brown undertone.
We ended up going with Galveston Gray by Ben Moore (even though almost everyone wanted the other one, I was just drawn to this one) and I LOVE it. It is a nice bright, rich gray during the day, and a dark, warm gray in the evening. An absolutely perfect gray. Couldn't recommend it more.

The sunburst I made will be going above the bed. I decided to stain it a rich, dark brown to pull in the leather ottoman & leather chair (that I have yet to purchase) and to bring a bit more contrast to the room.  I am waiting for another warm day to stain it before we hang it. I also want to do a pearl finish stencil on the bed wall, someday when I have a lot of time to kill!

That is the door to the walk in closet. As you can see, I have yet to make the second roman shade for this window. The treatments for it have had me thinking. I don't want two panels because the one on the left would have to be behind the night stand. So I think I will stick with just the one. Not 100% sure.

The vanity/console table was $10, from the Ronald McDonald House Sale. Ottoman under it was on clearance for $17 at Target. The antique tin ceiling panel mirror Steve made.

I haven't decided what I want to do on the wall above the dresser. I was thinking a few square frames in a row with black & white photos.

The chevron and gray chain link pillows I made (well, I made the covers). Tutorial coming soon for how I do mine. Quick and simple. Steve is not thrilled about how our pillows have multiplied. Why do men hate toss pillows so much?? He gets irritated about having to take them all off at night. Hahaa!

I am on the lookout for two larger lamps. Thinking a feminine crystal base. Heading to HomeGoods this weekend to take a look. So glad I finally found "night stands" tall enough for this bed! They are cabinets that I managed to get for $29.99 (YES you read that right!) each.

This pretty frilly pillow I found at Target on clearance for $10. I had been eyeing it for awhile. So glad I waited.

That alarm clock says in tiny print on the face, "WARNING! This alarm will wake you up!". No joke, that thing is LOUD.
Love those sheets! $30 on sale at Target (of course). White duvet was also on clearance for $12. Can't go wrong with those prices for such classic pieces.

There's me. In all my no-makeup, morning glory. I figure, this photo is far enough away that you can't really see anything too terrible. HA.
Leaning mirror, $40 with coupon from Kirklands.

Here's a shot with the romans down a bit. The grayish blue so nicely coordinates with the gray walls. I used the no-sew, made with mini-blinds, method. Steve hung the rod high up on the wall (gunmetal rod $25 & $20 at Target). Then we hung our favorite $15 Ikea panels wide on the window. He hung the romans directly behind the rod to give the illusion of a taller, wider window. The difference is huge!

I really like the gray rug. $20 at Ikea. Can't beat it! Love that I have an Ikea sweet mother in law who lives in Baltimore. Yay!

 Love the little reminder of Spring! Oh and the sweet itty bitty opalescent bud vase my mother gave me as a gift years ago.

The dresser was free, we painted it. The bed was $50 on Craiglist, painted it. Storage trunk under window, Steve built 6 years ago.

Before & After
I was going to go with more yellow in the room, but decided to keep it out for now. I like the serene, luxurious feel of the room just the way it is. As soon as you walk in, you feel less stressed and more calm. Exactly the feel we were going for! 

I am so happy with how the room has evolved. We have certainly gotten a lot completed, but here is some of what we have left to do:

-Find a nice sized, brown leather chair for the corner of the room
-Stain and hang the sunburst above the bed
-Taller, more feminine-yet-sophisticated lamps
-Roman shades for the other window
-Something for the wall above the dresser
-Second coat of trim paint
-Chandelier above the bed
-Something for the other side of the window (similar in scale to the brown sunburst mirror on the left)
-Stencil bed wall with a geometric print in a pearl finish

In total, we have spent under $500 putting this room together, that is including 5 gallons of primer & paint. What a steal. It is so relaxing and luxurious. A nice retreat for us at the end of a hard day. With some smart shopping & a bit of DIY, you can do it too!

You know, we could have spent a lot more money, and a lot less time, but the fun of it is hunting down the perfect pieces and making them your own. I get so much more enjoyment from the things that I either created myself (& with Steve) or altered somehow. I feel much less stress knowing that I bought everything in cash and didn't have to go into debt or spend all our savings on it. To me, that is the best part!

What is your favorite piece of the room? Any suggestions? Comments? Thoughts?
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  1. I'm pretty sure this post makes me want to change all my plans for our master bedroom! What a beautiful color scheme. It's so serene.

  2. I think I am in love, with your bedroom. I am not even a huge fan of grey overall, but its so pretty!! clean, bright. It makes me happy to look at it!! GREAT job!! (I can't remember if I mentioned this, but you have been inspiring me so much to get my own house redone. My husband and I are working on the kitchen now...I am soooo excited!)

    1. Thank you! It really is so much more feminine and pretty than you would think gray woudl be. and YAY!!!!!!!!!! So glad I am encouraging you a bit! That's my goal!! Good luck Amy!

  3. You seem to have similar color tastes to me! We have light gray carpeting throughout the whole house and light gray walls on the living room and halls. Our master bedroom has pale lavender walls with a dark lavender quilt for summer and striped duvet of lavender, turquoise and apple green and white for winter. I painted our cedar chest apple green to match the stripes. I have a floral wreath with lavender in it and a picture with lavenders and greens in it. Our family room has pale green painted over paneling. The "stripes " are painted every other one flat and the opposite gloss, but the same color paint. All the picture frames are painted white as well as the borders. I have navy leather couches in that room which really goes well with the pale green. Behind the long couch is two pairs of metal trees that remind me of Andrew Wyeth paintings.

  4. How is your rug holding up? I love that rug and really need a gray one but had concerns about its durability. Although, at that price I could get a few of them =)

    1. It is holding up wonderfully actually! It still looks brand new. definitely worth the 20 buckaroos and MORE.

  5. I am getting ready to paint my bedroom and living room Galveston Gray. Could you tell me whether you used matte or eggshell? Your walls look beautiful!

    1. Hi! I always use at least an eggshell or satin. Never flat. Semi-gloss for trim. Good luck and have fun!


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