Thursday, March 1, 2012

Help A Girl Out!

So today I am working on a second sunburst mirror, which I will show you later once it is finished, but I also need some opinions.

I am *trying* to pick our master bedroom paint color and I can't choose between two colors!! Let me paint the picture for you (hahaah). Our room is south facing, so LOTS and lots of sunlight. There is the south window and a west window. It is a good sized room with beige carpeting. ALL of our furniture and bedding is WHITE. If you get the idea, I am trying to go for a darker color to warm the space up and make it a bit more cozy. Because everything else in the room is so bright and light, I definitely think we can get away with it.

Of course we are going for gray tones throughout the house, and our bedroom is no exception. We will also be adding splashes of spa blue and maybe a teeny tiny bit of yellow too, in a pillow. You all saw the fabric I choose for the throw pillows the other day, so you get the idea. Our curtain panels are white and I think I'll be adding some white with a subtle gray pattern, panels to the outside of the white ones as well.

Here are my two color options.
 Galveston Gray by Benjamin Moore

Spalding Gray by Sherwin Williams 

As you can see, the Galveston Gray is a bit grayer, and the Spalding Gray is a bit warmer/browner. I have been going and forth in my head between more gray or more brown and I can't decide!!!! Remember we have the beige with a slight, slight yellow tone to it, carpeting, if that makes a difference.

If you could respond in the comment section below (or on Facebook, which seems to be the preferred way to comment) to the color you think would be best, I would LOVE you forever! Steve is going to pick up the paint either at lunch or after work (depending on when I decide)....agh!!


  1. Hi there! So, without actually seeing the beige carpet, and looking back at the fabric you ordered, I think you should go with the galveston grey. Its gorgeous! That was my gut instinct, but even thinking about the colors, I think the cooler one would be better (I am not an expert by any means though :o)

  2. loving the galveston gray!!

  3. spaulding grey because it is warmer that matches the beige and the "yellow" pillow has the earthy beige tone as well. The galveston gray is awesome, BUT it is a cooler color and I think would clash with more "natural" colors like the beige carpet and the yellow pillow.

  4. I'm drawn to Galveston but you will have to consider warm vs cool as Theresa M. said. I usually have to get the sample pot and paint a section on my walls before I decide. I tend to look at it for several days & @ various times throughout the day with the changing light.


Thanks for your feedback!